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Sultana is the wife of a handicapped man who was unable to work and provide for the family. Sultana worked cleaning houses in order to manage the family. She married her daughters at a young age because she could not provide for them. As she got older, she could no longer work. Her oldest son who was married and lived at home, worked, and provided for the family. After a period of time, the son and his wife decided to leave the family and live alone, but the Sultana could not accept because she would starve to death with her family if no one worked to provide for the family. The son refused to stay with them. One midnight, while the electricity was cut off, Sultana set herself on fire. Her breasts, abdomen and legs were burned, and she was taken to hospital. She still suffers from burn complications and is unable to work. Her older son and daughter-in-law have left her, and she lives poorer than before with her husband and 11-year-old son.
Qamishli, Rojava, Syria