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Shahriar is the youngest member of the family and has two older brothers. When he was only 12 years old, on his return from school he witnessed his mother’s self-immolation, she set herself on fire using oil as soon as she sees her son in the yard. He rushes to her mother to put out the fire by holding her in his arms. As a result, he started to burn with his mother too. With the help of neighbors, they both were taken to hospital. The mother died the next day. Shahriar received treatment in the hospital for a while, being unaware from his mother’s death. After his release he learned of his mother’s death and wend to the cemetery. Shahriar is reluctant to speak about that day and remains silent most of the time. He lives with his two brothers and his father. At school, all his classmates know about the incident. Shahriar is always alone and has no friends at school.
Abdanan, Ilam, Iran
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