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Shahnaz is 32 years old. She set herself on fire when she was 22 years old. Shahnaz explained the cause of her self-immolation was her brother’s death-threats against her. One day the brother had called home to say he is on his way to kill her because he had heard rumors of Shahnaz rendezvousing a boy. Terrified, Shahnaz had set herself on fire in the yard of her parents’ home. Family members realized soon and put out the fire using a piece of blanket and hurriedly took her to the hospital. After a while, she was discharged from hospital but her face, hands and body have been injured and marked by the fire. They live in a small town, and everyone hears of these incidents. She is unmarried and hardly ever leaves the room above her brother’s house where she lives as she does not like her burnt face and avoids people to see her like this. Shanaz does not have any money to afford the costs of reconstructive surgery.
Ilam, Iran
Donations of money for food and medicine by U.S. persons intended to relieve human suffering are exempt from Iran sanctions.