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Juwan is 22 years old. She got married in 2017 and was forced to drop out of school. In her first year of marriage, she gave birth to a girl and a year later following a dispute with her husband, she set herself on fire in front of her husband in the kitchen. She suffered third degree burn up to 49%. Her neck, chest and both legs are burnt. She was hospitalized for 58 days. After being discharged from the hospital, she filed for divorce through a lawyer. She is currently divorced and has the right to see her child only one day in a month. Juwan misses her daughter. She has started studying again now she is educating in the 11 grade of high school. She hopes to become a surgeon in the future. She has undergone 19 surgeries due to the complications from the burn and these surgeries still go on. The cost of these operations is borne by her father. Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan, Iraq