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Fereshteh is a thirty-five-year-old whose father was killed during the Soviet-Afghan war. She was two years old at the time and was sent to live with her grandmother until her grandmother’s passing. Fereshteh’s inheritance was seized by her mother and her stepsister, and she was forced out of the house. It impacted her mental and physical state. Today she lives in a government-run-secret shelter for women. Fereshteh has poor vision and can only see shadows of objects and humans. Her eyes have been examined by Doctors Without Borders in Herat, and they believe her vision can be restored if treated in Germany. Fereshteh is unable to pay for the cost of her surgery and travel to Germany. Many women from the shelter spend their time knitting and doing other handcrafted work but Fereshteh sits alone in a corner. In her words, her world is ruled by dark shadows.
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