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Eidi Khalf Murad is 22 years old. She is a Syrian refugee living with her family in a UN refugee camp in Dohuk. The family’s status changed entirely due to the war and ISIL's invasion of Syria. They left Syria empty-handed and came on foot to Iraq, the Kurdistan region. Eidi Khalf's mother states that Eidi Khalf was distraught and depressed. The living environment in UN tents is extremely inadequate. They divided the tent into different sections to create a hall, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Eidi burned herself in the bath with flammable materials, she screamed out and the family and other people found out what is happening. They tried to put out the fire as the tent caught fire and take her to the hospital. Eidi Khalf survived death but the severe burns are seen are her body and face. She cannot receive the much-needed treatment due to her displacement and lack of finances.
Dohuk, Kurdistan, Iraq