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Soheila has an older sister, a younger sister, and a brother with mental illness. Years ago, her older sister, Najah, set herself on fire in the kitchen due to her brother’s illness and their living conditions. Due to the severity of her injuries, she died instantly. Asmahan, their younger sister, witnessed her sister’s self-immolation and after the incident did not speak to others for an exceptionally long time, she had a strong emotional affinity. When she grew up, she set herself on fire on the same spot Najah had. Soheila was able to act fast and save Asmahan. She has the burn marks on her feet. Soheila is worried about her younger sister and brother. There is no mention of Najah at home, but Asmahan keeps a photo of Najah. Soheila’s mother died a few years later. The father is remarried but Soheila alone takes care of her siblings at home.
Al-Darbasiyah, Rojava, Syria