ROULAH is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women. ROULAH is a non-partisan non-political organization and as such we do not promote any particular form of government for the countries we aspire to help, nor do we enjoin any preferences in this respect. Likewise, our work is independent of any political or religious agendas.


The ROULAH team proudly strives to meet the conditions for women and children to achieve their dreams.


Our vision is to help create a world without self-immolation, domestic abuse, forced marriage, child-marriage, child-labor, child abuse, intolerance, prejudice, and discrimination.




We work with the victims of self-immolation, domestic abuse, underage and forced marriages, women and children with disabilities, and child-labor, seeking to aid these and other marginalized groups and eliminate stigma, discrimination, and prejudice against them. We intend to accomplish our goals through advancement of education, medical and mental relief of the underprivileged and survivors, promotion and development of the arts, exhibitions, conferences, videos, film, print, publishing the work of the affected communities, collaborating with other aid and humanitarian organizations to meet our goals and mission. We take a unique technology focused, data centric, and storytelling approach to address the challenges facing these underprivileged groups. We are driven by the self-evident credence that women and children must be treated with the dignity they deserve.