Seeking poetry with a focus on Afghanistan

Woman, War, Nature, Life, Culture, and everything else related to Afghanistan

The anthology entitled HOPE aims to recognize excellence in literature and to promote the work of poets from around the world. We accept your literary submissions in English, Persian, Kurdish, Arabic, and Turkish. The poems will be published in English or English, Persian, and Kurdish.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submission opens on February 12 and closes on March 21
  • All works must be original
  • A short Biography not more than 200 words
  • We accept previously published work
  • We do not pay and do not provide you with a copy of the publication
  • Women victims of domestic abuse and self-immolation will be the sole beneficiaries of the publication.

All submissions must be sent to
The email must include your bio and 1-5 poems in any of the mentioned languages. Your email submission indicates your full permission to Roulah Foundation to publish your work in its original language or translation and can be used by Roulah in print and online, and in any form and style of art and media.