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Being a woman implies responsibilities of being a sister, a daughter, a spouse, and last but not least being a mother. The agony and sometimes the violence women experience in their lives impacts them and their children, passing on from one generation to the next. Every so often, they experience violence in the hands of the ones who are supposed to care for them most, like their fathers, brothers, or a husband, sometimes resulting in the tragic decision by the woman to put an end to her life and perpetuating the cycle of misery especially for the loved ones she leaves behind.  

Roulah is here to put an end to this spiteful cycle. At Roulah we empathize with these women and let them know we listen to them and try to help them. Roulah has come to empower women, remind them of their self-worth and abilities, paving the way for them to engage in social activities, and giving these women’s children the opportunity to enjoy their childhood years with their mothers. Roulah has seen and heard countless stories, and with our extensive experience in the field, our team especially our Angel Network are providing help and assistance to women who have survived self-immolation and experienced domestic violence. 

You too can be one of the Angels at Roulah’s Angel Network. Roulah’s Angel Network is a network of people who have joined hands with Roulah to try and help women-survivors of self-immolation, domestic abuse, forced marriage, child marriage, and child labor.

By joining Roulah’s angels, you will be a very important part of our mission to aid women and their children. It goes without saying that “not all heroes wear capes” but with your help we can bring the power of hope to these women.


Angel's name: BAYAN

Becoming angel date: 11 Jan 2022

Angel's name: RAMI

Becoming angel date: 17 Jan 2022

Angel's name: FARZAD

Becoming angel date: 20 Jan 2022

Angel's name: Arual

Becoming angel date: 09 Feb 2022

Angel's name: HASSENE

Becoming angel date: 11 Jan 2022

Angel's name: SETAREH

Becoming angel date: 20 Jan 2022

Angel's name: Ida

Becoming angel date: 01 Feb 2022

Angel's name: Zr

Becoming angel date: 27 Feb 2022