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Just ask KD, he knew. His face is my reaction to the Kawhi Leonard and Demar DeRozan Trade. Tell me who was missing threes in the final seconds of game 6. Not a fan of either of these teams but I'm just sayin, Because the Cavs/Warriors was in the finals. When dad gets out the belt to whoop yo ass, When uva lose to umbrella In the first round of March madness, Its umbcs nicknam it rhyme with cinnderella but starts with an u lol, Well, I'll guess I'll give you credit. they started to be good when they got Iggy and Bogut and when Draymond and Klay started to be good stupid. I understand Me7os old but Russ is just a one man show, and unless he changes he will never win. 5 out king! People are saying that he is a one year rental, but I believe that when we reach to the conference finals this year PG will resign. Russell Westbrook (88) - NBA 2K18 MyTEAM Moments Ruby Card - ratings/attributes, badges, comparing, reviews and comments - 2KMTCentral. sure we won't see most triple doubles but when russell westbrook isn't putting all his heart into defense and caring more about that triple double that's not OKAY. you said nothing that is true just some random bullshit lmao kid learn basketball. Theyre not because for it to be a dynasty, all main members of the team must have 3 or 3+ rings. He is athletic, is probably the only player in the league that can match Currys range, and is a good playmaker too. An elite rebounder known for chasing rebounds out of his area. Takes physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without severely impacting his energy. An elite passer known for hitting teammates in the correct position to score. Russ dont tell what i am or not, Curry nuthuggers like you are 5 get off this site loser. Cp3 is injury prone and selfish with the money that he ask for. Meet Russell Westbrook. i'm ironically saying you have good logic because in reality this is not a good reason, Where was that when KD was on the thunder, not there because he didn't have westbrooks usage rate from this past year (which is the highest in nba history by far), I didn't know you had justified basketball opinions, why you mad? Snake Plus, just because CP3 is the definition of a point guard doesnt make him better than Russ, Magic was 69 which isnt the definition of a point guard, but hes the greatest ever so. Magic was a prototypical point guard not because of his height but because of his play style. 'Just look at the stats' Adams got career highs in points, rebounds, assists and steals. GO!! Based on the information we have and each positional list going to at least an 86 overall, despite full ratings still not completely revealed, we can confidently deliver the Top 30 players in the. All KD did was miss shots, westbrook choked more everybody knows that, He's backed me up in this argument before, I've always seen him against Westbrook in this argument, In the KD choke argument? They played against short white guys that werent even full time basketball players. KD made a fake twitter account cause he knew he was scared of the.hate. On Monday, 2K began releasing NBA 2K18 player ratings for a few of the star players in the NBA. He got the HOUSTON ROCKETS to play defense. He don't let the hate get to him. @lebronsucks69 People complain that he is a ball hog well the season that he was the biggest ball hog was the best season of his life, it was in this season he got comparisons to lebron and mJ for the way they change the game. Kid they gave the badge to McGrady, did he mark them at a high rate? And Giannis is a rediculous talent that I dont even need to justify. Holy cow, the new number one attribute card and it's not a small forward. Lmao KD led in scoring 4 times dont think he made him worse. Responds best when patted on the back and coddled when spoken to. Steps his game up in big games and big moments. Statistically, players with a 35+% usg don't win. Not gonna lie I was hesitant to put Kawhi in there since he didnt play. Hits stand-still shots off the catch at a high percentage. lebron shot 34% from 3 for his career and has a limitless range, They gave it to him because he hit the game winner over Indiana, and they werent going to take it away on a better edition, mj hit a game winner from 3 over 2 pacers defenders. zemGOAT 2018 It just makes you look more immature, why tf would he lie about who he's a fan of that doesn't make sense. WB haters seriously need to stop he does whats best for the team and nothing else. Did PG not show up sometimes? You know when your guy gets an off ball screen youre still suppose to remain in help right? By your logic stat padding is good, he didnt get wins in the playoffs with triple doubles, he got a win. He carried a crap team to the playoffs. Led the league in Uncontested Rebounds with 8.5. You might want to do some research on him. Well, there are "bad" players that are they way they are because of their situation. HE DID THAT IN THE PLAYOFFS THE BIGGEST EVENT LEADING UP AFTER THE REGULAR SEASON HE GAVE UP A TRIPLE DOUBLE TO GODDAMN RICKY RUBIO A ROLE PLAYER NOT KNOWN FOR SCORING OR GRABBING REBOUNDS and not to mention more role players like jeff teague took advantage of westbrooks lazy pnr defense. Not better than WB though, and most sports analysts would agree with me. DO YOU EVEN HEAR WHAT IM SAYING? They were tired so they choked so their doesnt need to be a stat kid Im done with you just dont respind, Ok u win, i hope just win, that is mean that westbrook is good, that is mean our whole season of disappointent is fake yeahhhh, westbrook is so great that he leads us to 48 wins, 48, Oh come on, no need to swear when you are winning right, or aren't you??? In a pickup game Roberson could go head to head with someone at star level. Trashass, im shook westbrooks stats are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO underrated. Russell Westbrook '18 Moments Collection / Thunder Moments. I just dont think I should have to argue against someone who say shit like, Are u out of option of opion or what?, Guess how many turnovers he had, trying to "deliver" those ast, What now, harden hater??? Man Im not yelling at you Im letting you know youre saying the same thing over and over. After an MVP season, Russell Westbrook should have a high rating. Takes physical punishment on contact shots near the rim without severely impacting his energy. Every card gets 86 ball control and a deadly 3 point shit and If you dont play five out its very hard to compete. #LakeShow pic . Westbrook ranks 24th in Defensive Rating and 10th in Defensive Win Shares and is #1 in Defensive Rebounds per game (of course). and in that clip i sent earlier on THOSE WERE BACK TO BACK POSESSION OF RUSSELL WESTBROOK GETTING ABUSED ON DEFENSE if you look close enough you can see westbrook going legit behind the player when there's a screen and just standing there for most of the possession. Harden shot a very slightly higher percentage from 3 and at a slightly higher volume, yet they make Harden seem like he's elite from 3, In MyTeam, they have to underrate some stats to limit their overalls. This guy had probably the worst season in NBA history breaking records for usage rate and turnovers. are you dumb? The only one talented enough to truly shine with Westbrook on the team was KD, imagine if the Thunder would have swapped Westbrook and Curry that season, they would have easily made it/won the finals. i wasnt all that surprised, cuz kawhi wouldn't play if they didn't trade him, so they really needed to go for something, and derozan isn't all that bad, considering nobody really knows how good kawhi is right now. If this is all there is, Im sorry these claims are just wrong. Russell Westbrook (99) - NBA 2K18 MyTEAM Throwback Playoff Moments Pink Diamond Card - ratings/attributes, badges, comparing, reviews and comments - 2KMTCentral . Westbrook is an underrated defender. The 33-year-old mid-range specialist has been one of the most clutch players in the league, averaging 4.3 points per game and 47.4% from the field in clutch situations. But in these 2 season both players were the ball dominant player, those are 2 different seasons. Everyone who is discrediting russ is an idiot. Get info about his position, age, height, weight, draft status, shoots, school and more on . Im not arguing with you actually Westbrook haters usually have some sense but you have none and btw youre not an OKC fan dont pretend. I get westbrook was amazing last year but not anymore, yall scrubs forgot scal, wesbrook is nothing compared to him, not even lavar ball coul beat him in a 1v1. These slacking off incidents are so rare. He is main reason why Warriors are even relevant rn and won 73 games that year. What you think they should be Think about it, stat padding, all of that rebounds. This really is Goatbrook! An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense while he's on the floor. Russ took the thunder to a 6 seed and got a game out of Houston with less than dame. Known for his ability to score baskets immediately off of offensive rebounds near the hoop. While playing on-ball defense, this badge drops various offensive skills of similarly positioned match-ups. A player who can spend a good deal of energy without losing effectiveness when attempting to score. Kyle Guy: UVA's leading scorer (Nagging knee injury) KD If only they released this when I cared about myteam, Now they going to far. you know absolutely nothing about basketball stop talking. These are the NBA 2K18 Ratings of all NBA players Rumors. If Adams gets the board they have to make the extra pass which can be a game changer in fast break situations. Russell Westbrook, Thunder 94 Stephen Curry, Warriors 94 Chris Paul, Rockets 91 . Player Notes. 2017 WB 69 first place MVP votes. An offensive leader who can help his teammates play better on offense while he's on the floor. Says the one that has Nashfan in his name. @Eminemof2k Only +13 stats with dynamic duo? what has dunking got to do with post fades. There's a man with the name Lebron James. These videos are supposed to represent how he doesnt earn his rebounds and doesnt play defense. It's funny, 2K made the ex-cover athlete of NBA Live the best card in the game. I think that's the point. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE VALUE OF A TRIPLE DOUBLE??? But you don't wanna give no credit right? The team in charge of player ratings for NBA 2K18 didn't overrate Russell Westbrook. im done arguing with westbrick fans yall are stubborn autistis. He cant make his teammates better like true stars such as curry, lebron, harden. Should i bid sell him for 2000000 or more mt and get PD Simmons or PD Paul Goerge or Kobe or..i keep him, To be fair OKC was the team that started Roberson all 7 games that seriess, not WB, the face you make when you see he has limitless :)))), The face you make when you realize Dennis Schroder has taken your starting spot, HOW DARE YOU TALK BAD ABOUT RUSSELL WESTBROOK HE'S THE GREATEST POINT GUARD OF ALL TIME You cant say Kawhi when the last time Kawhi really played was when Russ won MVP and he didnt play much at all this past year, and when he did he was disappointing. Remember, if the warriors didnt choke, they would be a full-out dynasty. Shout out to PG13 for not leaving him though. @zemGOAT. This one is fire!!! Zem would be always zem, and he's not gonna stop doing this, I sexually identify as a 2003 Red Toyota Camry and I am fully offended by that statement you uttered, Gotta milk that popularity with the edgy 12 year olds, People can't seem to remember that him and KD blew a 3-1 lead to the Warriors but nobody can forget how the Warriors did it to the Cavs. Lonzo Ball isnt inefficient Wow, looking at stats and jump into conclusion. Its not close! Would those extra stats REALLY have made a huge difference in those games? @vincecarter15,,,, 36 fg% Blok21 Software Ltd 2023. Btw u should check Westbrook's advanced stats, they are horrifying, inappropriate for "children" XD, Youre clearly the child here bud somebody feeling got hurt gtfo. An example is how Victor Oladipo, basically the "2nd" scoring option behind Russ, grew and became the MIP the year after leaving the Thunder. Tell me anyone from your top 10 that can have a triple double average except for LeBron and Harden, I reported you because you fucking downvoted every comment I have on this card you fat little bitch. And the social media does have a lot to do with it. Unstoppable, Deym where is PD Kareem And PD Wilt??? He is a Overrated Passer you are a joke. Fast breaks are the easiest plays in basketball, if youre coaching someone that is the best at getting those points and you dont get him the ball in fast breaks youre an idiot and youre wasting his skills. TBH harden is way too overrated. WB shot 34% in 16 17 and McGrady shot 34% for his career, and both, despite not being half as good of a shooter as him, fire from Curry range all the time. Wrong about what? A few big name legends such as Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller were left off their respective teams due to contract . Reggie Jackson got better because he became a starter, and KD didnt even get better 28 - 25 point isnt better just admit youre wrong. Not too many players can switch systems with completely different offenses and star. But they shouldnt have only won a single game more than last season, despite Westbrook averaging a TD and getting two All-stars on your team. Victor Oladipo If this isn't the top comment then the world is fucked up. If you think he was trash you must think Mitchell is a trash shooter, which isnt true. i think the worst part of this card is that they gave him a 88 post fade, against a fucking 97 3pt shot, 2k really doesnt watch tape. For the very first time, NBA 2K18 will feature All-Time Teams for all 30 organizations. First of all, you are like 6 at max could not keep him ego down. He played horribly when he did this year, and the last time he played Russ was unarguably better. Coaches designed way to get him triple doubles over winning at times, im a thunder fan dummy Okay think about this critically. Look at lebrons stats and compare them to westbrooks. Maybe I was saying this because he's my favorite player and I don't want him to leave I may be a little bit biased HA russ aint shit without KD, have fun exiting first round for the rest of yo career, He is actually way better without KD, so basically Kd was holding him back, Russ still aint going anywhere anytime soon, MVP??? I'll churn your dick off until I make it into a protein shake. De'Andre Hunter: Best UVA player (OUT) Russell Westbrook (86) - NBA 2K18 MyTEAM Current Sapphire Card - ratings/attributes, badges, comparing, reviews and comments - 2KMTCentral . 94. You're statements contradict each other, I mean he choked more and those don't contradict each other Additionally, as these players have not been released there is a reasonable chance that 2K will change their ratings some time closer to release (if they are being released at all), so don't start complaining immediately if you find ratings that seem wrong. I talk to my friends about other stuff. If he can do what he did last year with PG on the team he has to rise to 3 or 4, How can you say something so blasphemous? General information Theme IDOLS: Series I V.I.P. He made .5 less a game than LBJ. YOU ARE ACTUALLY THE DUMBEST FUCKING PERSN ON THE PLANET. Strives to be known as an all-time great. His teammates develop in a way they'll always rely on the star player, if they keep this gameplan up next year, it's not a surprise that George will leave for the Lakers after next season. 1.2 3PM 4.1 3PA 29.8% Is Russell Westbrook gei? Andre Robertson. Defensive rating stat simply shows how many points a player allows per 100 possessions, very limited stat, good defensive teammates can account for westbrook being up there. He shot about 45% overall, less than 30% from 3, and 73% from the line. Will succeed at dunking on opposing defenders more often than others. It's true that Russell Westbrook stat pads, while boxing out his teammates for rebounds and circling endlessly looking for teammates to pass to near the end of games so that he can get another assist for a triple double, and it probably is true that if Westbrook took less shots in the playoffs they would go farther. He's the reason why they blew a 3-1 lead, because he acted stupid, it hurts my brain knowing there are people that think westbrook is a better player than curry, it hurts my brain thinking that people thought a few years ago that Curry was better than LeBron, coming from a guy with a LeBron sucks gamertag. 1. But yeah, he could only average 12.5 rebounds over small, pathetic guys like Bill Russell, Walt Bellamy, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Bob Pettit, and Red Kerr. and if anything is said i will come back with all the fire to but you and the 2 first round and out players that you call better than a mvp is dumb, Russ got knocked out first round too, just sayin. You need to get this through youre head, if you have the fastest and quickest player in. Ok yea Russ was getting his but as the point guard he is responsible for helping the other scorers on the team get into a Rythem. PD: I would appreciate if you didn't downvote me thx, My bad, man. @zoomzoomii I dont think MJ was a trash shooter he was the best mid range shooter ever, but if was a good 3P shooter he wouldve been confident in his shot. This was an injury depleted team that was emotionally and physically down, if they had a healthy team, they WOULD HAVE won it all. Russell Westbrook Premium / IDOLS: Series I V.I.P. 2. The last two winners of the league's Most Valuable Player award, Russell Westbrook and back-to-back MVP winner Stephen Curry stand atop the best 10 rated point guards in NBA 2K18 with a rating . boogie can't win alone. Third its theyre fucktard, Before 2k went all money hungry 99 MJ used to be the best player in past 2k You need to know stats don't say everything and can I see where you got your stats from?? Wow, u sir, don't watch the game, disappointed. The 93 overall rating is the exact same mark he ended with after the final update for NBA 2K18. Believe me, I was at the game (right behind the UMBC bench), and when Virginia came out to do their warm-ups, they had a dear in the headlights look to them and it clearly transferred over to the actual game. . Also, since this is kind of the first time you've brought that game up: stop using numbers you nerd, hes clearly the best point guard in the nba, I would neither use of these words because I feel like overrated is been overused in any topic ever and calling him a statpadder is just so fragile to describe him. lol but he still statpads and make teamates worse (Kd,harden,oladipo,steven adams could be a all star, ibaka melo,pg13) but. okay. Position PG / SG Added Nov 6th, 2020 Height 6'3" (190cm) Weight 200lbs (90kg) Age 34 Team Oklahoma City Thunder From UCLA Plays P&R Ball Handler Isolation Guard Post Up Handoff Hot Zones Badges 10 20 17 0 Attributes Badges Tendencies Reviews Every star that's played with Westbrook hasn't been able to thrive at all, OIadipo, Harden, Melo, PG13. Kerr shot more and had the highest percentage ever. When he doesnt they shot porrly and the ln everyone says oh look at poor Russ, e has no help but he still carries this team. No, he has help, he just doesnt utilize it, and until he does he will never win anything but individual awards. Kawhi 9 first place MVP votes. Yes. Only haters say stat padding. So you admitted that Russell Westbrook gets his rebounds because they're basically given to him by the coaching and that Russell Westbrook slacking off on defense against "lesser players is ok"?? Team leader who takes it upon himself to lead his team to victory. I misread your comment, but youre wrong about the fact that WB makes players worse, he doesnt, if he had played any other way in 2016-17 the Thunder would have one 30 games at max, he completely carried that team. I have multiple basis' including the playoff series with the Thunder vs Jazz when Ricky Rubio got a triple double in a game, and when Jeff Teague abused Russell Westbrooks PnR defense in a few games. Isaiah Wilkins: UVA's best defensive player (Injured, came back and was never the same) fuck how does he even have a 3 ball above 80? @KobeBetterThanEveryoneElse4Ever we gonna stop shitting on jordans 3 now? This is a great card only 2 attributes that are not at least a 80, When you see the Warriors starting lineup, How long is it gonna take for you guys to put donovan mitchell out here, MTDB had it out a long time ago. People who dont like your opinion bud go to English class instead of chilling on this site be your top comment has 4 downvote I have 2 accounts get the fuck out now kid. cuz they all are or will be better than him. Russell Westbrook has a familiar overall rating in NBA 2K19 and a dynamic new render. So your technically wrong, Westbrook did more A slithery player who can get around screens easily. See Top 100 All-Time Players. Players . I would offer Russ a max contract. What's your point man, i would love that okc win but look at the reality, either lal or gsw gonna win the finals, and the season hasn't even started yet, Watch the fucking video kid the have a legit chance at winning just watch the vidoe, Yeah, i did. in that case andre drummond should have hall of fame limitless range cuz he made some full court shots lol. this overrated piece of garbage stat padder shouldnt get a pd. If you can't take a joke you def have lost a chromosome or two. Home. And yes Ik Russ averaged over 10 assists, but that doesnt make him a great passer. Look at Paul George. He knew he could only get individual awards, so he went all out for his triple doubles and MVP, Both got worse? Id disagree with that point specifically. He's overrated because he's spectacular. You cant bandwagon a player who loses in the first round just gtfo he already won MVP just gtfo, Downvote by who?? I thought you were responding to the comment above you about the contact dunk. who's the best finisher by %? Look you can keep throwing stats in my face but they dont actually tell the whole story. 5 peja stojakovic Russel Westbrook was the best player in the league. Accept that westbrook better, How was Westbrook better than KD? Show all unreleased content until browser is closed. and russ and pg are leading them to the 3 seed, look at him now hes the second option to paul george. Idgaf if he shot a higher percentage Drazen will not be better than LBJ he didnt live long enough, of everyone you could think of, Drazen. Not Top 10. The perfect way to characterize Russell Westbrook is that he's one of most inefficient superstar ever that can put up gigantic stats for you, Yeah no fucking way. Probably not, but I cant say. Looks like somebody feeling hurt dumbest thing Ive ever heard end of argument. good 3 point shooters are shooters who make a great amount of 3s while keeping a good %, yes you can argue about mj being trash then. "NBA 2K18" top center ratings. Is actually efficient unlike Westbrook. See Top 100 Current Players. PG / SG | OKC. The injuries (Deandre Hunter specifically) would've created a domino effect. These guys dont exist? Thanks man lol his comment is still pretty dumb tho lol. he's one of the most underrated playmakers of all time thats for sure, it's easy to be a good playmaker when you play with Snake, Klay, Iguodala, Draymond. It just shows he cant handle the hate. Hate to say it as a thunder fan, but it's time to let Russ walk. and when you have that type of athletic ability you have to be able to score on defense in transistion. That is probably true but he is still does only what is best for him. you know what i don't care anymore believe what you want but doesn't make you right and me not want to say anything back dose not mean you got me it just means i'm done. I looked at his advanced stats their not so bad you just say that because youve heard someone say it before, I doubt you even looked at the stats. He doesnt statpad a lot of players that say that cant get triple doubles like WB. I can guarantee youll be proven wrong. Literally nothing but I dont see you complaining on there. CP3 (IMO he is the definition of a point which is why Id take him over Russ) I love winners, that's why i disgust Westbrook, not as a person but as a basketball player. Completes alley-oop passes at a high rate. ??? Ummmm Tracy scored 13 points in 35 seconds. These rosters will be completely editable. General information. If they were completely healthy, Virginia would've probably won by 30 points. Jay Huff: UVA's Tallest player (OUT) The league you want to get that man the ball as quick as possible so you can start the fast break quicker. not really, lebron is shooting 34% from 3 thats under average, and i can tell you right away he aint gonna be top 5: Is there a stat for tiredness? Subscribe to Stathead, . Well history proved you wrong enough said. Cavs should've won in 2015 but Kyrie and Love were hurt and LeBron took them to 6 basically by himself, with two more all stars they would've gone back to back, and without KD in 2017 they really could've 3-peated. NBA 2K series, all player cards and other game assets are property of 2K Sports . He was built in that specific system. Known for making tough shots off the dribble. . LeBron? The top 10 was rounded out by Hassan Whiteside and DeAndre Jordan, both given 87 ratings, Joel Embid (86), Andre Drummond (85) and Myles Turner (84). Yeah, i'm a okc durant fan, now he left, we stuck with this man, at least we got PG13 to watch, Do u even watch the game??? In 2017 if WB had taken less shots, you think they would have won more games? This man played 80 games at 36 mpg. 10. The post fade is fine. Stop hating lmao you couldnt do one quarter of one half of one quarter of one half of what he could do gtfo. 2) both stats better represent the team's success than the individuals(and he had roberson and adams, two excellent defenders who he shared the court with), and anyways they're wrong gobert leads, Russ has the highest assist% in the league efficiency is overrated or many of the greats like kobe shouldn't even be in the discussion. 5. NBA 2K series, all player cards and other game assets are property of 2K Sports. don't know why westbrooks attributes are really low after he had an outstanding season, when you pull out but somehow you still got her pregnant, Same thing as last year with Curry, since he's such a good player all of his stats are going to take a bigger hit, but 92 speed does seem disrespectful, I am serious Curry got nothing on westbrook is way better, So a stat padder is better than curry? Will play through fatigue and injury without experiencing a severe drop in skill. He wasnt even healthy when he played. Yay i am so optimistic that okc will win and blah blah blah, those're just theories, accomplished season career, catastrophic playoffs, westbrook is hurting the team, i am telling you. The most overrated player in the NBA Tired, seriously? Theres an actual strategy the thunder has for letting Russ get them uncontested when that happens. Known for his ability to knock down threes from the corner. If you do not have a problem with viewing unreleased players, please click the button below to continue. 95. This makes me sad. basketball is a game, not a statistic thankfully. 2K focused too much on Westbrook's career 3pt shooting and not his performance last year when rating him. Imagine a bucks dynasty Russ at the point giannis at sf and try and get melo at pf and pg13 as backup sf bledsoe as backup pg now that's a dynasty I'd love to see win a ring in a warriors bucks 7 game series or a sweep from the bucks but then again that's all just fantasy it will never happen, in other words combine the thunder and the bucks. wood carving game poki, wylie marine enniskillen, richard sheridan ann sheridan,

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